Taking Sides

I have a friend in Jerusalem name Amir. He was born and raised in the holy city. Today, he is a tour guide and a pastor. When he introduces himself to groups at the beginning of their holy land tour, he explains that he is an Arab Palestinian Israeli Jerusalemite Christian Believer. If the group […]

Missing Pieces

At times, attempting to understand the modern Holy Land, and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict played out there, can feel like trying to piece together a puzzle. Some people think that’s a one-piece puzzle, the one piece being cut in the shape of Israel. For others, including the majority of those who actually live there, it’s a […]

Some Personal Context

It’s happening again. Israel and Hamas are at war and all my friends think I’m the expert. That’s what happens when you marry yourself to a part of the world for thirty years. I brought this on myself, I know, by moving my family to Israel and living in the midst of the usual suspects […]

Two Things True

Note: Due to safety and sensitivity concerns, names have been changed. In the days and weeks following October 7th, when the long-standing conflict between Israel and Gaza went through a seismic shift, a lot of friends reached out to me for my opinion. “You lived there through the last major conflict with Gaza,” said one. […]