Out of Nazareth

A one-time Nazarene attempts to bring hope and understanding in the midst of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Two Things True

Note: Due to safety and sensitivity concerns, names have been changed. In the days and weeks following October 7th, when the long-standing conflict between Israel and Gaza went through a seismic shift, a lot of friends reached out to me for my opinion. “You lived there through the last major

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Some Personal Context

It’s happening again. Israel and Hamas are at war and all my friends think I’m the expert. That’s what happens when you marry yourself to a part of the world for thirty years. I brought this on myself, I know, by moving my family to Israel and living in the

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Missing Pieces

At times, attempting to understand the modern Holy Land, and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict played out there, can feel like trying to piece together a puzzle. Some people think that’s a one-piece puzzle, the one piece being cut in the shape of Israel. For others, including the majority of those who

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Taking Sides

I have a friend in Jerusalem name Amir. He was born and raised in the holy city. Today, he is a tour guide and a pastor. When he introduces himself to groups at the beginning of their holy land tour, he explains that he is an Arab Palestinian Israeli Jerusalemite

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Listen to the Out of Nazareth Podcast

Outofnazareth.blog has a similarly-titled podcast counterpart. Friend and colleague Zack Miller, who has lived in Israel’s Galilee region for the better part of a decade, runs the Out of Nazareth Podcast. Zack’s entertaining and enlightening episodes include informative and fascinating interviews with locals who have lived their entire lives under the shadow of the Arab-lsraeli cloud. Watch and listen at: https://www.youtube.com/@OutofNazarethPodcast

About the Author

Hunter Lambeth first visited the Holy Land in 1993. For the past thirty years, he has repeatedly returned to “the land”, including living for five years in Nazareth, from 2012-2017. Currently he is the development director for Young Life’s ministry in the Middle East, including Israel and the Palestinian Territory. These are his efforts to address some of the current and historical issues surrounding the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, as well as give context for the people who live out their daily lives under the umbrella of these issues. He writes not from the perspective of a trained theologian, but rather as one who has lived in the land, loved the people and longs for the day when Jew and Gentile might together come into the fullness of Ephesians 2:14, which declares:

For Christ himself has brought peace to us. He united Jews and Gentiles into one people when, in his own body on the cross, he broke down the wall of hostility that separated us.” (NLT)

Come with an open mind and a forgiving spirit. Enter to learn and listen and ultimately, to love your neighbor as yourself, as Christ himself commanded.